Departmental Projects

4Humanities: Advocating for the Humanities

4Humanities@UCSB functions both independently as a Research Focus Group of the Interdisciplinary Humanities Center (IHC) at UC Santa Barbara and as a local chapter of the international 4Humanities initiative. As a local IHC Research Focus Group, 4Humanities@UCSB meets periodically during the year around a few topics and readings–e.g., core issues in public discourse on the humanities, current media technologies for advocacy, etc. Beyond discussion-style activity, 4Humanities@UCSB also has a practical production-shop dimension. The group conducts research and creates content for 4Humanities by studying public discourse about the humanities, writing posts related to humanities advocacy, working on collaborative humanities advocacy projects, etc. The group also link ups with local chapters of 4Humanities at other universities.


The 4humanities WhatEvery1Says project (WE1S) uses digital humanities methods to study public discourse about the humanities at large data scales. The project concentrates on, but is not limited to, journalistic articles available in digital textual form beginning circa 1981.

Remaking the University

Remaking the University is a blog on higher education and related topics run by Michael Meranze and Christopher Newfield. The blog features posts on academic freedom, labor, higher education crises, university management, and other academic and political topics.

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